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The Rising Stars Awards have accumulated over 100 winners who have each inspired and demonstrated true Western Australian entrepreneurship within their chosen field.

Industries have ranged from Information Technology, Mining, Tourism, Agriculture, Food & Beverage and many more! There are no limits to who is chosen – each winner has recognised the opportunity to deliver beyond conventional means and stood up above the rest when it was demanded of them.

Use the options below to view our past winners.

Overall Winner 2019

Masters & Co. is a group of psychology and wellness clinics across Perth, offering clinical psychology, psychology services, counselling, and cognitive assessments in a warm, open and non-judgemental environment.

Overall Winner 2018

Veris is an ASX-listed company, delivering surveying, professional advisory and geospatial services throughout Australia.

Overall Winner 2017

Nuheara has created a device that is disrupting the global headphone and hearing assistance markets worldwide. The ASX listed wearables technology company released its wireless earbuds product IQbuds earlier this year, which has already been sold to thousands of people in more than 80 countries.

Overall Winner 2016

Applecross company Injury Connect has achieve rapid growth in the past 3 years, following the launch of its online injury management system.

Overall Winner 2015

This company came into being after the founder identified key inefficiencies in teachers’ work processes that can cause teacher fatigue. A software concept was created to allow teachers to perform every aspect of their work in the most efficient and simple manner possible.

Overall Winner 2014

Former member of the Australian Army elite SAS regiment, and Afghanistan veteran Scott Houston was back in Perth in 2008, putting the finishing touches to his new home he had just completed for his young family.

Overall Winner 2013

This year’s top rising star provides marine servicing and support to the oil and gas industry.  Having launched its first vessel in 2000, it is expected that Bhagwan Marine’s fleet will surpass 100 in the very near future.

Overall Winner 2012

Our number one Rising Star, Hagstrom Drilling, started out as an owner operator business with one drill rig and just one support vehicle.

Overall Winner 2011

Velocious has not only experienced amazing growth nationally, but has also expanded into international markets in the last 5 years.

Overall Winner 2010

Basil Lenzo, David Cameron & Peter Giannis – Directors

Overall Winner 2009

Andrew Godden – Managing Director, Bill Grierson – Executive Chairman

Overall Winner 2008

Mark Newbold, Managing Director

Overall Winner 2006

Ian Massara, Managing Director

Overall Winner 2005

Ned Montarello, Managing Director & CEO